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March 21, 2017

On Alternative Spring Break, Michigan State Students Learn Big Market News From WNET

wkar-students-visit-pbs-newshour-weekend-setWhat happens when 16 university students hit New York for an “Alternative Spring Break”? They visit WNET, of course!

On Saturday, March 11, 16 Michigan State University students, Program Advisor Karin Hanson, and Director Emeritus of PBS station WKAR Gary Reid (and current University Distinguished Senior Specialist in the Department of Media and Information at MSU), visited WNET and the hardworking PBS NewsHour Weekend team.

Gary Reid toured the Tisch WNET Studios a few years ago. He was so impressed, that when the opportunity to bring university students to New York City came about, he contacted WNET to arrange a visit. Reid wanted to share with his students big media in a big media market.

The group started the morning off by attending the “9:30 Meeting”, where Executive Producer Scott Davis reviewed the news and production needs from start to post-broadcast. Then, the group spent some time with Production Manager Jerry Godfrey, Editorial Producer Jason Steneck, and Senior Multimedia Web Editor Corinne Segal at Worldwide Plaza. Finally, they moved uptown to the Tisch WNET Studios at Lincoln Center to learn more about the ins and outs of producing a news program — and specifically a news program for PBS — from PNHW Host Hari Sreenivasan and Stage Manager Ric Anderson.

“By all accounts, the students were engaged and enthusiastic about seeing a program happen in real time,” said Kim Mullaney, Associate Director, Station Relations, who helped coordinate the visit with Michigan State. “It’s a great example of one station helping another.”

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