Peril and Promise

Alexandria Villaseñor describes her journey from striking outside the United Nations in NYC to speaking at the DNC in the first episode Planet Forward.

This past fiscal year, Peril and Promise engaged new, intergenerational voices to speak about the importance of climate change, and to foster a new era of scientific innovation and creative solutions to help better protect planet Earth.

Emmy Award-winning journalist Frank Sesno helmed Planet Forward, the new digital series from Peril and Promise that features in-depth conversations about climate change issues and solutions with experts and innovators. The Power of Us underscored the urgency of the climate crisis and shows the power of a collaborative movement to fight climate change. More than 200 people streamed the film premiere and subsequent discussion, where panelists spoke inspiring climate action, the critical role of voter engagement and activism, and how young people are taking action into their own hands.

“Thoughtfully and beautifully produced… Everyone can benefit from seeing it. Should be shown to every middle school student as a primer on the environment challenge.” – Bill, The Power of Us virtual screening attendee

Branching out into the digital space, The Sweaty Penguin Podcast explored climate change issues in-depth from experts. In addition, The WNET Group’s Kids’ Media & Education team created PBS LearningMedia resources to complement the film.

To learn more about Peril and Promise‘s robust offerings, visit their website.

“It’s really important for young people to take ownership of the planet, to individually and collectively get involved.” Astronaut and physicist John Grunsfeld in The Power of Us.