Chasing the Dream

Attribution welcomed award-winning chef, TV personality, author and philanthropist Aaron Sánchez to speak about fatherhood and “rescuing your roots” through food.

Why do some people make it, while others don’t? This question fueled Attribution, a new podcast featuring people from all walks of life as they reflect on who and what has contributed to where they ended up. Host Bob McKinnon asked guests and viewers to reconsider how they view success and the American Dream.

A very thoughtful look at reporting on issues of change and economic well-being. — Katrina L. on Attribution Episode 6 with Paul Solman, PBS NewsHour correspondent.

The initiative on poverty, justice and economic opportunity in America supported two FRONTLINE documentaries. COVID’s Hidden Toll examined the vulnerabilities of immigrants and undocumented workers during the COVID crisis. Growing Up Poor in America took a hard look at child poverty in the United States while the COVID-19 pandemic amplified their struggles to stay afloat. Chasing the Dream complemented the broadcast feature with a livestreamed virtual panel discussion, where filmmaker Jezza Neumann, alongside academic and nonprofit thought leaders, delivered insights on the current state of child poverty against the backdrop of the coronavirus and increasing racial tensions.

“I watched this last night. Riveting. And there’s no easy answers to solving poverty.” — Jessica L. on Growing Up Poor in America

The GOODTalks team returned with their signature candid conversations for a special episode on race and poverty in America. Hosts Troye Bullock, Darius Baxter, and Danny Wright welcomed Mayor Steven Benjamin, the first Black mayor of Columbia, South Carolina, Mayor Michelle De La Isla, the first Latina, first single mother, and second female mayor of Topeka, Kansas and political strategist Frank Luntz for the conversation.

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Mayor Michelle De La Isla speaks her truths with GOODTalks‘ Danny Wright.