Secrets of the Dead: Viking Warrior Queen

In 1878, a grave containing a large number of weapons and the skeletal remains of what seemed to be a great Viking warrior was uncovered in Sweden. In 2017, a team of Swedish geneticists proved through a DNA study that the great warrior wasn’t a man, but a woman. Viking Warrior Queen examined the history-changing discovery.

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  • 206 Bones

    206 bones make up the human body. Inside the grave were 40 of those bones, plus six weapons, a gaming board, gaming pieces and dice.

In 1878, the grave of the viking warrior was numbered Bj 581: Bj for Björkö (the small island 20 miles from Stockholm, Sweden) and 581 because it was the 581st grave unearthed by archeologist Hjalmar Stolpe. Peignoir Prod

How cultural bias can lead to incorrect conclusions. The warrior interpretation of the skeleton found in Bj 581 went unquestioned, until it was argued the remains belonged to a female.

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