Nature: Digital Evolution

In collaboration with PBS Digital Studios, Nature produced two new digital series aimed at informing audiences young and old about the natural world.

The Nature team is also encouraging digital evolution at public media stations, sharing contacts and resources to expand audiences, from NYC all the way to Alaska.

  • 57 Million YouTube Views

    Nature‘s YouTube channel success continued in FY21. The episode premiere streaming average grew 30% year over year, and +51% since FY19.

  • "Santa" Streaming Takes Top Spot

    With 239K streams, Santa’s Wild Home, which premiered in November 2020, is Nature‘s most-streamed episode EVER.

  • 268.2K Views | 1,521 Comments

    More than eight Animal IQ episodes discussed the intelligence levels of dolphins, dogs, otters, foxes and more in the YouTube series. Thousands of viewers wrote in about their personal experiences with the featured creatures.

Over the course of 14 episodes, Crash Course: Zoology instructed viewers on the weird and wonderful biology of animals, and even inspired young adults to pursue zoology as a field of study.


For otters, every day is a cheat day! @mndiaye_97 #AnimalTok #Otters #LearnOnTikTok

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Partnering with social media star Mamadou Ndiaye on Nature TikTok videos has brought in hundred of thousands (and sometimes millions) of views. Nature‘s TikTok page boasts 280K followers, 3.2M likes, and 260+ videos.

  • Yahoo I’m so excited for these videos! I’ve been wanting to learn more about zoology for a while now, and this looks like it’s going to be a great series.

    – Eli Bundy on "Crash Course: Zoology"
  • I sound like a broken record, but this video was wildly entertaining, excitedly informative and wonderfully presented in a way that is easy to understand. Great, great job!

    – Matt Cook on "Crash Course: Zoology"