Friends of THIRTEEN, Inc.

Friends of THIRTEEN, Inc. is a nonprofit organization governed by a board of directors who provide community liaison for THIRTEEN by strengthening local partnerships, encouraging youth involvement with public media, developing and producing local initiatives, hosting events and expanding grassroots awareness of THIRTEEN’s education resources and quality programming in the New York metropolitan region.

Board of Directors FY2021

Daniel T. Allen
Betsy F. Ashton
Barbara A. Binder
Judith Hope Blau
Paulette Cleghorn
Kathryn Karp Cohen
Katherine A. Connors, Chair
Doreen P. Cugno, Vice-Chair
Yaseen Eldik
Gavin Fields
Donna Weng Friedman
Dr. Erin Hartnett
John L. Heyer II, Vice-Chair
Carolyn Hsu-Balcer
Stephen H. Kinney, Jr.
Melody Marcus
Mae Wong Miller
Orlando D. Morales
Chaplain Sanaa Nadim
Sunyoung Oh
Denise M. Pelli
Amadeo Plaza
Agnes Irene Rymer
Dorothy Y. Pacella, Executive Director

Chair Emeriti

Elaine Wingate Conway
Carmela S. Haklisch
Bernard M. Hartnett, Jr.
Dr. Edward C. Mapp

† = deceased