Message From The Chairman

Public media’s role is to educate, entertain, inspire and comfort, especially in times of crisis. I have never been prouder to be a part of an organization that has risen to what it truly means to serve its community.

During the pandemic, The WNET Group staff has worked tirelessly to continue the organization’s mission to be a leading, innovative creator and distributor of diverse trusted media, from the News and Public Affairs teams who provided vital and accurate information through its nightly and weekly newscasts, to the Kids’ Media & Education staff who devised standards-aligned videos, lesson plans and more for New York, New Jersey and Long Island educational professionals and students.

Continuing its digital transformation and evolution, The WNET Group has become a multi-platform 365-day-per-year publisher, officially expanding its footprint beyond the television screen to become more data focused and build a younger, more engaged audience. To complement this transformation, The WNET Group is also making a concerted effort to ensure its programming reflects the diverse community that it lives in and serves.

We are thankful to our supporters during this time, who see the public service we provide to countless communities, not just on the air or online, but through workshops, professional development sessions, and family outreach. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit our commitment to the public never wavered. We turned virtual, used our imaginations, and found new outlets to provide quality, multi-faceted, and engaging resources.

The year was full of highs, from launching a new radio station to successfully shifting our workforce remote, but it was also marked with sadness. In March, we lost longtime trustee Rosalind P. Walter. She was a remarkable ambassador and advocate of public media and a generous supporter of WNET and public television for more than 30 years. An inspiration to millions of viewers who benefitted from her generosity, we can best honor her legacy by continuing to help advance the mission of public television, and make sure we provide lifelong learning and entertainment to those who need it most.


Edgar Wachenheim, III
The WNET Group