Secrets of the Dead

The find of a century, declared a forgery. The turbulent history of one of the world’s most celebrated buildings. One of the greatest moral questions of the 20th century. Secrets of the Dead partnered with experts, historians and scientists to uncover new insights into Galileo’s “Sidereus Nuncius,” the centuries-long construction of the Notre Dame de Paris and to ask whether an Allied attack on Auschwitz would have stopped future atrocities.

Whether one has any knowledge of engineering and construction, [Building Notre Dame] is still a program that is well worth the watch. — Philip S. on Facebook

Three Reddit “Ask Me Anything” sessions were hosted with experts from each film, garnering 11,100 upvotes (the determination of a post’s “rank” or “priority”) and 435 comments.

Audiences were especially engaged with Building Notre Dame; the program logged an impressive 104K+ episode streams (80% higher than the season average) and more than 1.6M broadcast viewers. In addition, the social promo for the production garnered more than a half million Facebook views.

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Illustrations of what Notre Dame de Paris is believed to have looked like in the 13th century. Program 33