Science & History

The WNET Group took viewers back in time, across the globe and into outer space with a wide range of science and historical programming, from the outback of Australia with Nature to exploring climate change with Peril and Promise.

Last summer, The WNET Group launched THIRTEEN Celebrates the Summer of ’69: 50 Years Later, a multiplatform initiative that celebrated the golden anniversaries of pivotal moments in US history. Viewers were encouraged to remember, relive, and contemplate the impact of 1969’s Stonewall Uprising, the Moon Landing, and Woodstock. WNET interviewed 17 “eye-witness” New Yorkers for broadcast interstitials, including former astronaut Mike Massimino, Stonewall veteran Martin Boyce, and Woodstock musician Ira Stone.

In July, Secrets of the Dead complemented this initiative with Galileo’s Moon, a look at the truth behind an alleged proof copy of Galileo’s “Sidereus Nuncius,” which changed our understanding of the cosmos. The episode brought in 90,000 viewers and generated 3,200 upvotes in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” online forum.

MetroFocus produced 22 segments on related Summer of ’69 content, and 540K viewers tuned in for broadcasts of 50 Years of Fabulous; Lavender Scare; American Experience: Chasing the Moon Parts 1-3; and American Experience: Woodstock: Three Days That Defined A Generation.

Astronauts Neil A. Armstrong; Michael Collins; and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. of the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission leave the Kennedy Space Center’s Manned Spacecraft Operations Building during the prelaunch countdown. July 16, 1969. Courtesy of NASA