NJTV News & NJ Spotlight

NJTV News‘ Briana Vannozzi reported on the legislative struggles to get recreational marijuana legalized in the Garden State and the criminal justice system implications.

Over the past fiscal year, NJTV News and NJ Spotlight united to bring coverage of important news and issues from the Garden State and across the country straight to viewers.

NJTV News joined forces with KPBS San Diego, WGBH Boston, Arizona PBS and WTTW Chicago in Cannabis Country, reporting on the legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational use. The newscast also highlighted the complexity of hunger in Hunger in NJ, a six-part special report that searched for solutions for the 14% of households in New Jersey that are food insecure.

NJ Spotlight hosted a Forum on Energy Future, which focused on New Jersey’s mandates for clean energy, economic disparities on issues relating to electric vehicles and the likelihood of mass transit converting to electric power.

Both news entities pivoted quickly when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, creating a Coronavirus Hub with live updates, a dedicated nightly newsletter, daily gubernatorial press briefing livestreams, and in-depth reporting on how COVID-19 is impacting New Jersey residents. Programming pivoted too, with Reporters Roundtable transforming to virtual and the launch of Chat Box with David Cruz, welcoming guests for remote discussions and soliciting questions from viewers over social media. Senior Political Correspondent Michael Aron semi-retired this year, bringing his On the Record series to a close.

In April 2020, Mary Alice Williams stepped down as NJTV News‘ anchor. Since 2014, Williams has anchored the nightly news program and multiple news specials. “It has been my privilege to work alongside the NJTV News team,” said Williams. “I look forward to watching them soar.”

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NJTV News Senior Correspondent David Cruz hosted a remote interview with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy about the state’s coronavirus pandemic response.