Chasing the Dream: Poverty & Opportunity in America

GOODTalks trio: Troye Bullock, Darius Baxter, and Danny Wright.

Since its inception in 2014, Chasing the Dream has published 502 pieces of content for on-air broadcast and online consumption.

GOODTalks introduced viewers to a group of dynamic young men having candid conversations with lawmakers, industry moguls, nonprofit leaders and others about what the American Dream meant to them in 2019. Chasing the Dream designed an interactive online tool My Dream Team which allowed users to reflect on the people, organizations and placed that have helped shape them through their lives.

“The aftermath of George Floyd’s death has been the biggest story I’ve ever photographed.” Documenting Black Lives Matter video essay followed street photographer Ben Von Klemperer in New York City and the emotion, controversy and power that he captured with his camera lens.

When the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic hit the tri-state area, the multi-platform initiative posted a Financial Survival Guide explaining the issues, how and where you could get help, and how you could give assistance to others. Diving deep into a common health challenge for New Yorkers, Blood Sugar Rising: NYC took a look at how diabetic patients living in low-income communities managed the disease during pandemic.

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Tracy Tirado-Vasquez, spoke about how she manages her Type 2 diabetes under the added pressures of systemic inequality and an unprecedented health crisis in Blood Sugar Rising: NYC.