Specials on Racism & Reform

“Black Lives Matter” could be heard across the country as activists demanded justice for Black Americans killed by police and sought systemic change in law enforcement practices and funding.

The WNET Group is dedicated to fighting racism and injustice, by providing content and events that foster honest conversations and progress toward a more just and tolerant country.

  • Trusted News

    The WNET Group strengthened and expanded its reporting on racism and justice reform featuring interviews with grassroots organizers and activists, thought leaders, journalists, policy-makers and law enforcement officials.

  • 2,000% Increase

    A WNET education blog highlighting anti-racist resources for families, educators and students saw a more than 2,000% increase in pageviews over similarly publicized education blog posts in less than a week, indicating a real need and appetite for these resources in the community.

America in Black and Blue 2020, a PBS NewsHour Weekend special, offered context for and insight into the widespread protests that engulfed the nation during the latest displays of police brutality against Black citizens.

The Talk – Race in America (above, 2017); Great Performances – Twilight: Los Angeles (2001); I Am Not Your Negro (2018); The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution (2016); Juneeteenth: Black Freedom (2020) and additional programs and resources were made available for audiences on-air and online

  • We are living in combustible times, with cries for justice, pleas for protection and vulnerability to natural disasters. Now more than ever, I am staying connected to my safe places, people and practices. For me, that means community.

    – Eugenia Harvey, The WNET Group's Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer

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