Spotlight on New Jersey

NJTV News and NJ Spotlight have collaborated on hundreds of stories in the past fiscal year.

  • 488% Page View Increase

    In the first months of the pandemic, NJTV News experienced a drastic increase in website traction, and the station overall saw a 44% increase in ratings. NJ Spotlight’s page views were up also up (54%) and the outlet experienced a flush of new users (up 80%) eager for trustworthy reporting.

NJTV News‘ report on the prison release of two men wrongfully convicted of murder single-handedly accounted for 58% of all traffic the next day, and was the most visited, best-performing story on the website through the weekend. It was also the most-shared story on social media by rapper 50 Cent, the Innocence Project, NAACP, Integrated Justice Alliance and several other social justice groups and organizations.

  • You’ve been doing a great job throughout this COVID-19 crisis. I have NJTV on most of the day and appreciate all the information that is presented in calm, measured tones by your anchors and reporters… Keep up the good work!

    – Mary M.