Specials & Documentaries

Wade McCollum as Ernest Shackleton and Valerie Vigoda as Kat in Ernest Shackleton Loves Me. Jeff Carpenter
In addition to WNET’s long-running national and local series, WNET has produced and aired a number of engaging and influential special series and one-off documentaries.

Looking to find off-Broadway treasures, but can’t make it to the theater? Theater Close-Up shines a spotlight on the best and brightest local productions, premiering two exciting shows this past year: one-of a kind musical adventure Ernest Shackleton Loves Me and the powerful family tale If I Forget.

The fascinating history behind Shakespeare’s greatest plays continued with Shakespeare Uncovered with a third season investigating “Much Ado About Nothing,” “Measure for Measure,” and “Richard III,” among others. At the National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention, WNET presented a session on integrating Shakespeare Uncovered in the classroom. WNET also co-hosted a sneak preview screening at the Player’s Club with the Shakespeare Guild and BAFTA, which included a panel discussion with filmmakers Richard Denton and Nicola Stockley, Director of the Folger Shakespeare Library Michael Witmore, and host of The Merchant of Venice episode, F. Murray Abraham.

Shakespeare Uncovered was one of the best on-set experiences of my life…I cherish the rich layers that the Bard’s plays give to an actor.” – Actor F. Murray Abraham

On the 100th anniversary of the confirmation of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity, WNET took a theatrical journey with renowned physicist Brian Greene in Light Falls, an intermingling of Einstein’s story with key historical characters, language from Einstein’s archives, research papers and more.

“Thanks to #LightFallsPBS, I’m closer to understanding Einstein’s theories and thought processes than I’d ever hoped I’d be. Thanks to PBS and Brian Greene for this entertaining and fascinating performance.” – @Pennies4Vendor

Brian Greene in Light Falls. World Science Festival / Evan Zimmerman for MurphyMade