Secrets of the Dead

American troops approaching Omaha Beach on D-Day.

The popular series spanned Egypt to England this season, merging science and history to challenge preconceived notions of Roman Emperor Nero, King Arthur‘s origins, and World War II amphetamine use by both Axis and Allied powers.

The series stood out by using social media platform Reddit to connect its vibrant fan base directly to the programs’ historians, scientists and producers. In total, the series’ four Reddit “Ask Me Anything” sessions amassed 10,000 upvotes (the key measure of Reddit success) and 669 comments. In 2018, the series boasted 65.8K average video views per episode, a significant achievement in reaching viewers on all platforms.

“So interesting. Love Egyptian history…love your show, never miss it.” — Tanya V., on Secrets of the Dead: Egypt’s Darkest Hour

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A bronze statue of King Arthur perched atop the Tintagel cliffs in Cornwall, England. Courtesy of 360 Production.