Peril and Promise: The Challenge of Climate Change

Peril and Promise has published 187 pieces of content for on-air broadcast and online consumption since launch; 81 of those segments were produced in FY19.

How did we get here? How the World Warmed takes viewers through the history of climate change, starting 100,000 years ago, and projecting into year 2100 and beyond. Peril and Promise teamed up with NJTV News to produce Facing the Future, a program exploring climate change and its impact on New Jersey from several different perspectives. To continue the discussion, NJTV hosted a community forum in Cape May — an audience of 70+ heard from experts assessing the latest climate change scientific research, from rising sea levels and environmental impact to quality of life and economic issues.

Sinking Cities globally investigated extreme weather and the real-time effects of rising seas in a four-part series.

Sinking Cities makes a calm, strong case that at the very least, we won’t address any of this by burying our heads in the sand.” – David Hinckley, TV Worth Watching

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