Joseph Sinnott
Combining national series with state-focused news, arts and public affairs programming, NJTV is the multimedia home to quality public media and resources for New Jersey and its tri-state neighbors.

In FY2019, NJTV followed in the successful footsteps of THIRTEEN and WLIW by changing its on-air fundraising strategy. Instead of weeks-long PBS pledge breaks, it is airing more local and national programming favorites, with fundraising programs airing on the weekends.

The “Dean of the Statehouse News Corps,” Michael Aron, NJTV News‘ Chief Political Correspondent, continued with his hard-hitting questions and engaging discussions with local journalists in Reporters Roundtable and political newsmakers in On the Record.

“My wife and I really enjoy Reporters Roundtable. We record it every week. The discussion among the participants is interesting and enlightening.” –  NJTV Viewer

New seasons of A Matter of Faith with a Bishop, an Imam and a Rabbi and Pasta & Politics with Nick Acocella invigorated viewers with conversations about organized communal religion, hate rhetoric, and bipartisan cooperation in New Jersey’s Senate.

From the legend of Molly Pitcher to the legacy of suffragist Alice Paul, and a natural rock formation used by Native American tribes 3,000 years ago, Drive By History‘s third season investigated stories waiting to be rediscovered in New Jersey’s backyard. NJTV premiered a new episode of Treasures of New Jersey, spotlighting New Brunswick’s State Theatre of New Jersey and highlighting the complexities of operating a modern “presenting theater,” which opened in 1921.

“Thank you so much to everyone involved for bringing us this treasure! Drive By History is must-see TV!” – Dawn N., via NJTV’s Facebook.

State Theatre of New Jersey Marquee circa 1920s.