News & Public Affairs Programming

PBS NewsHour Weekend host Hari Sreenivasan on location in Scotland.

WNET’s stable of trusted news programming, which includes Amanpour and Company, PBS NewsHour Weekend, Firing Line with Margaret Hoover, GZERO WORLD with Ian BremmerMetroFocus and NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams is where audiences are assured accurate and well-sourced news, respectful dialogue and diverse points of view.

PBS NewsHour and PBS NewsHour Weekend continued to grow broadcast viewers (with increases of 8% and 18% year-over-year, respectively), while New York local evening news viewership declined by 4% (Monday – Friday) and 11% (weekends). The program launched its Future of Food series with contributor Mark Bittman, which looks at how people are finding solutions to the problems of food scarcity and sustainability globally. From prison programs and unlikely conductors to LA’s skid row and West Virginia’s dental relief program, PBS NewsHour Weekend continued its partnership with Chasing the Dream. And in line with Peril and Promise, host Hari Sreenivasan explored what was being done nationally and internationally to fix the impact of climate change. As part of “Revolution Green,” Hari traveled to Florida to see how mangroves and oyster beds were helping to replenish shorelines, and protect the coast, and Scotland to see the potential of tidal energy.

Joining WNET’s lineup in July 2018 was GZERO WORLD with Ian Bremmer. Each episode features Bremmer interviewing world leaders, experts and newsmakers shaping today’s international politics, concluding with “Puppet Regime,” a political satire series that features puppet versions of world leaders and politicians for a lighter-side look at the stories of the moment.

A “trusted news” campaign featuring WNET’s on-air talent promoted WNET’s “Get on the Rolls, Go to the Polls” voter registration initiative, informing the community about registration information, deadlines and more.

Margaret Hoover, host of Firing Line with Margaret Hoover, a reprisal of William F. Buckley’s iconic program that features a smart, civil and engaging contest of ideas. Joseph Sinnott