Audiences embarked on a global journey of spirituality with Sacred, tracing religious rituals at birth, adolescence, marriage, death and other key moments of human life.

  • 40 Stories; 25 Countries

    Director Thomas Lennon commissioned or sourced contributions from top international filmmakers in a sweeping global reach, then unified these disparate scenes into a single work.

  • Do yourself a favor and make sure you don’t miss the chance to see this remarkable look at the intimate role religion plays around the world.

    – Justice Film Festival, via Twitter
  • In explaining faith, 19th century philosopher William James wrote that “the gods we stand by are the gods we need and can use…” Simple enough idea, but best of luck producing a movie based on it. Veteran filmmaker Thomas Lennon, in fact, has done just that.

    – Verne Gay, Newsday

Top Image: Courtesy of Prashant Bhargava / WLIW LLC