Five Borough Convenings

With its goal of "putting the public back in public media," WNET's Community Engagement team met with community organizations across Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn and the Bronx over the last two years.  The team is aiming to build a network for future collaboration and to tell more of the untold stories of the greater New York community.

  • 126 NYC Organizations

    The number of community organizations across the city who met under WNET’s leadership to discuss topics ranging from arts and culture to social services to economic development.

At the Centre for Social Innovation, WNET brought together more than 100 thought leaders for solutions-oriented conversations about the top issues affecting New Yorkers. These Think Tank sessions allowed participants the opportunity to network, discuss best practices, and brainstorm solutions across a broad range of fields. Joseph Sinnott

Community organizations appreciated the opportunity to come together with others from their neighborhoods. WNET was the bridge that connected these organizations, bringing the proverbial “table” for them to sit at, converse and collaborate. Brian Tate

  • Super impressed with WNET for making the effort in developing strong community relationships – says a lot about WNET. We greatly appreciate it at my institution.

    – Attendee at a Borough Convening
  • I am delighted WNET is making this push for community engagement. It has enormous potential in Brooklyn to create powerful opportunities, not just locally, but nationally.

    – Attendee at a Brooklyn Borough Convening

Homepage & Top Image: Joseph Sinnott