Message from the Chairman

Just over a year ago, I was privileged to be selected as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of WNET. I have spent the intervening months working closely with the WNET Trustees and leadership to further my understanding and appreciation of this fine institution.

I have been impressed by both the commitment and achievements of WNET’s staff and leaders to serve our community, to deliver quality programming, to innovate, and to continue to evolve with new technologies.

With this as the backdrop, we have drawn new trustees to our board who bring fresh ideas and new insights, we have attracted funding for new projects from individuals and institutions, and we have put in place the building blocks for new initiatives in News and Public Affairs and the Arts.

There is always work to be done to improve our reach to diverse audiences, to keep pace with the ever-changing world of media and technology, to remain fiscally sound, and to be careful stewards of the public trust. I am quite confident that WNET will continue its track record in this regard and I look forward to being part of the organization’s future achievements.

As you page through the accomplishments of Fiscal Year 2018, I hope you see this commitment to serve and to innovate — and that you see your interests and passions reflected in the work being done across WNET.


Edgar Wachenheim, III