THIRTEEN Patron Network

The individuals and foundations listed below made contributions of $1,500 or more in support of the station’s general operations during the 2007–08 fiscal year.

Ralph M. Baruch, Chairman
Ellen F. Marcus, Co-Chairman
James S. Baumann
Susan S. French
Mary Gilliatt *
Carmela S. Haklisch
Bernard M. Hartnett, Jr.
Justin Israel
Ursula Lowerre
Charlene Marshall
Betty Lou Necarsulmer
HRH Princess Prudence
David M. Satz, Jr.
Annette Sherman
Ariane Y. Wellin
* Deceased November 2007

$100,000 +

Anonymous (2)
Charlotte and David Ackert
Jody and John Arnhold
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Baruch
Filomen M. D’Agostino Foundation
The Marc Haas Foundation
David H. Koch
Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Kravis
Ann Tenenbaum and Thomas H. Lee
Christy and John Mack
Abby R. Mauzé Charitable Trust
The Robert and Joyce Menschel Family Foundation
Cheryl and Philip Milstein
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Nash
Steven L. Rattner and P. Maureen White
The Eric F. Ross Foundation
The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation
Bernard and Irene Schwarz
Tracy and Eric Semler
The Suzanne Cohn Simon Family
Joseph and Sylvia Slifka Foundation
Nanna and Daniel Stern
Wade F.B. Thompson Charitable Foundation
James and Merryl Tisch
The Vital Projects Fund
Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Foundation
Joseph A. Wilson


Anonymous (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Arnhold
Takako Asakawa
Vera von Kuffner Eberstadt
Sono and Victor Elmaleh
Judith A. Feiner
Marian S. Heiskell
Elisabeth and John Levin Foundation
Carol Sutton Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey R. Miller
The Paul & Irma Milstein Foundation
The Murray L. and Belle C. Nathan Fund
Joan Ganz Cooney and Peter G. Peterson
The Rhodebeck Charitable Trust
The Rice Family Foundation
Alejandro Santo Domingo
The Schloss Family Foundation
The Tow Foundation
Mortimer B. Zuckerman


Anonymous (3)
Louis and Anne Abrons Foundation, Inc.
The Frances Alexander Foundation
The Atlantic Philanthropies
John T. Becker
Adele Block
Tom and Meredith Brokaw
Herman Y. Carr
Mary and Marvin Davidson
Dr. and Mrs. Strachan Donnelley
Joseph H. and Barbara I. Ellis
Fribourg Family Foundation
Mark Gallogly and Lise Strickler
Mr. and Mrs. Werner Gamby
Michael and Sally Gordon
The Gulton Foundation
The Hagedorn Fund
The Hollyhock Foundation, Inc.
Michael and Kathryn Jaharis-Ledes
J. Seward Johnson, Sr. 1963 Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson R. Kaplen
The Korein Foundation
The Kurr Foundation
Elaine and Ken Langone
Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Laskawy
The Leir Charitable Foundations in Memory of Henry J. and Erna D. Leir
Alice Lewisohn Crowley and Irene Lewisohn Charitable Trusts
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lowerre
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Malkin
Ellen F. and James S. Marcus
The Page and Otto Marx Jr. Foundation
McKinsey & Company
The Marion Moore Foundation
Thomas J. Moran
Jack D. and Sue Morrison
Henry and Lucy Moses Fund
Ilse Nelson Fund
Roy R. Neuberger
Sylvan and Ann Oestreicher Foundation
The Perkin Fund
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Reed
Pilar Crespi Robert and Stephen Robert
Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller Fund
The Rodgers Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. X. Sillerman
Mr. and Mrs. A.J.C. Smith
Mrs. Annaliese Soros
Jean and Robert Stern
The Ernst C. Stiefel Foundation
Doris and Richard Viggiano
Wasily Family Foundation
Barbara H. Zuckerberg


Anonymous (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Anbinder
Rita A. Aranow
Arnow Family
The Beir Foundation
James and Frances Berger
Mr. and Mrs. John Carter
Joyce B. Cowin
The Juan J. de Lara & Jonne Low de Lara Foundation
Elisabeth C. Dudley
Alex J. Ettl Foundation
Mr. F. Richards Ford, III
Joan and Donald Fried
Robert D. Goldfarb
Mrs. S. William Green
H. John Greeniaus
Carmela and Paul Haklisch
Herrick Theatre Foundation
Joan and Fred Hirschhorn, Jr.
The Holborn Foundation
Betty Wold Johnson
Betsy and Andrew Lack
Mrs. Ethel LeFrak
Marjorie R. Lewis
Dorothy Lichtenstein
Hilda H. Liu and William Y. Liu
The Mailman Foundation
The Charles A. Mastronardi Foundation
Bill Mayo-Smith
Ruth and Peter Metz Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Nierenberg
Jane H. Butler and William J. Butler, The Paul D. Schurgot Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Sheinberg
Smart Family Foundation
Elizabeth Statler
Dianne B. Stern
Doris and Stanley Tananbaum
C. Robert and Sandra Cooksey Tully
Elaine and Alan G. Weiler
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Weis


Anonymous (8)
Ronnie and Larry Ackman
Dr. Jaqueline Albert-Simon
Norma Ketay Asnes
Sandra Atlas Bass
Barbara and Robert Berkley Philanthropic Fund
Mr. and Mrs. David Bernstein
Mrs. Shirley Brodsky
The Bydale Foundation
Mrs. Suzanne M. Cohen
Kathleen and Randy Corbet
D. Ronald Daniel
Michel David-Weill
Mrs. Roy H. Durst
The Lincoln Ellsworth Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Epstein
Janet C. Fisher
Leo and Julia Forchheimer Foundation
The L.W. Frolich Charitable Trust
Edward Grebow and Cynthia Miller
The George J. and Jessica Harris Foundation
The Alex Hillman Family Foundation
Mrs. Pamela J. Hoiles
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hunt
William and Jane Indoe
Marjorie S. Isaac
Mark and Helene Kaplan
Roland N. Karlen
The Karma Foundation
The Laurie Kayden Foundation
Gershon Kekst
Jeannette and H. Peter Kriendler Charitable Trust
Peter and Deborah Lamm
Mr. and Mrs. M. Joseph Lebworth
The Lemberg Foundation
Ruth and David Levine
Mrs. M. William Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard D. Lewis
Ken Lin Fund
Leon Lowenstein Foundation
T.J. Lubinsky
Frances D. MacEachron
Bernard L. Madoff
The MAT Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Lester S. Morse, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. George D. O’Neill
Chang K. Park
Wendy Keys and Donald Pels
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Rice, III
The Philip W. Riskin Charitable Foundation
E. Franklin Robbins Charitable Trust
Daniel and Rachel Rocker
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ross
Jack Rudin, May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation
Dorothy Sarnoff
The Sidney, Milton and Leoma Simon Foundation
Mrs. Herbert Singer
Hope G. Solinger
Bernard and Anne Spitzer
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Stanton
The Fred Stein Family Foundation
Lynn Straus
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Tarr
Donald M. and Susan N. Wilson
Audrey Wreszin


Anonymous (16)
The Acorn Hill Foundation
Joseph Alexander Foundation
Adrian and Jessie Archbold Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Arkin
Mr. E. Nelson Asiel
Babbitt Family Charitable Trust
The George Backer Family Foundation
Dr. J. Denlinger and Dr. E. Balazs
George T. Boyer
Roxanne Brandt
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Caldwell
Joan Chorney
CLC Kramer Foundation
Persis-Jane Cline
Jonathan L. Cohen
Jacques and Emy Cohenca Foundation
Elaine and Virgil Conway
Bridget Cooke
Edgar and Louise Cullman
Lucienne De Mestre
Mrs. Elizabeth Dickinson
The Dickler Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DiMenna
Eve Dorfzaun
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Doty
Dr. Robert M. Eichler and Mrs. Anne G. Eichler
Raymond and Jane Epstein
Mr. and Mrs. George Ferrio
Stephen H. and Suzanne Fields
Grace J. Fippinger Foundation
Jeanne Donovan Fisher
Dr. Ruth C. Flanagan
FLB Foundation Ltd.
Drs. David A. and Sara K. Follett
Margot and Norman Freedman
Freedom Forum
Anne Freeny
The Frelinghuysen Foundation
Ronnie and Julian Friedman
Marian Galewitz
Carolyn Gentile
Gettinger Foundation
Brad and Sunny Goldberg
Anne and Arnold Gumowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Gund
Paula Gural
Lynn Hagman
Doris C. Halaby
Robert A. and Geraldine I. Hamilton
Nancy Havens-Hasty and J. Dozier Hasty
The Goldie Anna Charitable Trust
Herman Goldman Foundation
The Helen and E. Donald Goldsmith Fund
Graham Family Charitable Foundation
Mabel Burchard Fisher Grant Foundation
Stella and George Guttman Foundation
Jerry and Peggy Hansen
Sylvia K. Hassenfeld
Arthur Hausman
John B. Henry
Louise and Robert W. Hewitt
Lynn and Fred Hill
Kathryn S. Hirsch
Ms. Louise Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Marv Hopkins
The Hunter Foundation
Valerie and Jay Ireland
Justin B. Israel and Emel Glicksman
Joan L. and Dr. Julius H. Jacobson, II
Diane E. Jaffee
Peter and Karen Jakes
Mr. and Mrs. Morton L. Janklow
The Jaqua Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Jennings, Jr.
Thomas S. and Margaret Ann Johnson
Barbara and Donald Jonas
Linn Anderson and Fred H. Joseph
Mary Kahlert
Mr. Thomas G. Kahn
Pat and Paul D. Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Ira B. Kapp
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Karp
Jeffrey Katz
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Kaufman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kendall
Thomas R. King
B & R Knapp Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. William T. Knight, III
Mrs. Joan Konner
Koppelman Family Foundation
Robert M. Kornreich
The Kupferberg Foundation
Judith W. and Alexander M. Laughlin
Mr. Damian Law
Mrs. Ruddick C. Lawrence
Anne Rhodes Lee
Ruth and James Levitan
Mimi Levitt
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Lifson
James Lin
Honorable and Mrs. Winston Lord
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lowenstein
H. Christopher Luce and Tina Liu
Dorothy Lyon
James A. Macdonald Foundation
The Grace R. and Alan D. Marcus Foundation
Mathis-Pfohl Foundation
Leni and Peter May
John L. McHugh Foundation
The James J. McInerney & Gary R. Fafard Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. McInerney
Joyce F. Menschel
Adele Miller
Talbott Miller, Esq.
Mrs. Carolyn Minskoff
The Morrison Family Foundation
Katharine and Kenneth Mountcastle
The OSilas Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Peabody
The Dr. M. Lee Pearce Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Pinto
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Piper III
Arlene H. Pollack
Dr. and Mrs. Peter I. Pressman
John Raphael
Judith and Burton Resnick
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Roche
David Rockefeller
Cindy H. Roeser
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Rothblum
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rubenstein
Mary A.H. Rumsey Foundation
Jack P. Safdeye
Sagner Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Schadler
Elisabeth Schwabe
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Walter V. Shipley
Dr. and Mrs. Mark R. Silver
Edith and Roy Simpson, The Resource Foundation
Deborah K. Solbert
The Spiritus Gladius Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Stanley
Jean Stein, JKW Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Strong
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stubbs
Dr. Judith P. Sulzberger
Epstein Teicher Philanthropies
William A. Tell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Tilles
Carol H. Tolan
Dr. and Mrs. Constantine T. Tsitsera
Emily Turk
Ms. Amy Yenkin and Mr. Robert I. Usdan
Henry van Ameringen
Ms. Wendy vanden Heuvel
The Viniar Family Foundation
The Neil and Virginia Weiss Foundation in Memory of Steven Weiss
Elaine Wilson
Ann Eden Woodward Foundation
Charlotte S. Wyman
Judy Francis Zankel
Albert and Barrie Zesiger


Anonymous (15)
Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Aborn
Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Ades
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Agoston
Marie Alpert
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Aresty
Mrs. Bernard Aronson
Mr. and Mrs. N. William Atwater
Mrs. Ellen Bach
Mr. J. Leiter Bamberger, Jr.
Ms. Ellen Banner
The Howard Bayne Fund
Shirley and Franklin Beck
Wendy Benchley
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Benedetto
S. C. Benjamin Foundation
Mrs. Jay Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Berkowitz
Roger and Brook Berlind
Maureen Berman
Ann L. and Daniel L. Bernstein
Sybil Bernstein
Dr. Susan Bershad and Mr. David J. Bershad
Joan and Joseph Birman
Marilyn and Dick Blair
Goldie and David Blanksteen
William K. Block
Blum-Merians Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. James Borner
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart D. Boynton
Ms. Joan Breibart
Devon and Peter L. Briger, Jr.
Lois and Marvin Broder
Mrs. Avery R. Brooke
Mr. and Mrs. James Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Caputo
Cayuga Foundation
Simona and Jerome A. Chazen
Marilyn & Bob Clements
The Clements Foundation
Ellen and Casey Cogut
Mr. Bertram J. Cohn
Robert H. and Monica M. Cole Foundation
Ms. Joan Colello
Judith Colton
Thomas and Madge Conway
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Covey
Crosswicks Foundation
Constans Culver Foundation
Dr. Anne Mc B. Curtis
Theodore N. Danforth
Kim and Judy Davis
Ms. Elizabeth DeCuevas
Jeffrey Degen
Ms. Jennifer L. Brorsen and Mr. Richard DeMartini
Sarah and Paul Densen Charitable Foundation
Mrs. David Dibner
Marilyn and John Dimling
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Douglas
Hebe Dowling
Ms. Jacqueline H. Dryfoos
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. David Durst
Charles and Freda Edgerton
David and Stephanie Eisenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fahrenholtz
Fairfield County Community Foundation
The Fifth Floor Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Flood
Mrs. Thomas D. Flynn
Barbara Fontana
Dr. Bruce Forman and Dr. Joy Weinstein
Ms. Susan S. French
Peter and Isabelle Friedman
Abraham Fuchsberg Family
Hope and John L. Furth
Ms. Marion Galison
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Gant
Sandy and George Garfunkel
Ellen and Moshe Gelboim
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gesell
Renee Getler
Mr. and Mrs. Maxfield S. Gibbons
The Deane A. and John D. Gilliam Foundation
Barbara P. Gimbel
Rita and Herbert Z. Gold
Peter and Helen Goldstein
Laurel Gonsalves
Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Gould, Jr.
Carol Graham
Mrs. Helen M. Granatelli
Mr. Seth Grosshandler and Ms. Kim Wainwright
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Gruenberg, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Gund
Kathleen Hale
Erika P. Hall
Julia and Barney Hallingby
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Hardy
Mr. and Mrs. James Harris
Thomas B. Harris
Jane Hassler
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Havemeyer, III
Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Havemeyer
Valerie Hughes and Stephen Hays
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Herdrich
Hermione Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Herrick
Irwin and Margi Hirshberg
Dr. and Mrs. Myron Hofer
Lillian and Harold Hoffman
Mr. Joseph Hofheimer
Caryl Horwitz
Suzanne C. Hoyt
Ms. Elizabeth B. Hubbard
Caroline and Michael Huber
Derek and Helen Hughes
Odulia A. Jacott
Ellen and Peter Jakobson
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Jurdem
Mrs. Marcella S. Kahn
Marjorie B. Kahn
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Kahn
Richard I. Kandel
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kanter
Rita and Henry Kaplan Foundation
Dr. Leonard Karasyk
Mr. and Mrs. Leander Katsidhe
David Kimmel Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Kinney, Jr.
Andrea B. and Peter D. Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Klein
Lucinda Knuth
Ruth R. Koeppel
Diane G. Kranz
Mrs. Abraham Krasnoff
Rita K. Krosney
Ms. Claire A. Krucher
Harvey Krueger
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Kurtz
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Lauder
Gerald L. Lennard
Allan L. and Barbara K. Levey
The Leon Levy Foundation
Georgie W. and Henry Lewis III
Mr. and Mrs. Bertram N. Linder
Amy C. Liss
Abraham Littenberg
Mrs. Cynthia B. Lloyd
Nita and Stephen Lowey
Jana and Kevin Maher
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Maltz
Elinor G. Mannucci
Edward Mapp, Ph.D.
Jesse and Toni Margolin
Frances S. Martinson
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Matter
Mr. and Mrs. Hamish Maxwell
Mr. and Mrs. A. Cushman May
The Mayer-Phillips Foundation
Vesta T. McLean
Jason and Deborah McManus
Ilse Melamid
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Mercy, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo A. Mestres, Jr.
Marianne Meyer/R.H.M. Foundation, Inc.
Richard and Marian Meyers
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Mittelsdorf
The Leo Model Foundation
Henriette Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Moore
The Moore Charitable Foundation
Frank and Louise Muller
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Nager
Dr. Martin A. Nash
Mrs. Betty Lou Necarsulmer
Mr. and Mrs. Philip V. Newcomb
Mr. Stanley Newman and Dr. Brian Rosenthal
Daniel Nir and Jill Braufman Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. William Oppenheim
Mrs. Robert B. O’Reilly
Arthur Ortenberg
Overhills Foundation
Richard S. Pechter
Drs. Richard and Erica Pelavin
William C. and Terry C. Pelster
Mrs. George W. Perkins, Jr.
Dara and Mark Perlbinder
Sandy and Steve Perlbinder
Ms. Annette Petrusa
William E. Phillips and Barbara E. Smith
Phyllis and Jerome Pickholz
The Pierson Family Foundation, Inc.
Kenneth S. Pizzo, Sr.
Jean and Henry Pollak
Lucile and Maurice Pollak Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ponzio, Jr./Symbolic System
Patsy P. Preston
Janet Prindle/Charles Seidler
Ann Adams Rabbino and Robert A. Rabbino
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Radcliffe
Mr. Sam Radin
David and Kathleen Rae
Katharine J. Rayner
Mrs. Morton Rechler
Dr. Gabrielle H. Reem and Dr. Herbert J. Kayden
Joseph and Carol Reich
Casey Ribicoff
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Rice
Ann Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. John Robinson
Andrew C. Rockefeller
Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. Rooney, Jr.
Ms. Alexandra E. Rosen
Jay Rosenberg
Ellen and Peter Rosenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Rotrosen
Ms. Laurie L. Sagalyn
Suzanne S. Salomon
Shirley A. Samis
Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation
David and Susan Satz
Marge Scheuer
The Schiff Foundation
Mr. Barret T. Schleicher
Annie and Tom Schulhof
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Schumann
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Scott
Timothy S. Scott
Seevak Family Foundation
Ms. Judith Segall
Ivan and Phyllis Seidenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Selby
John A. Sellon Charitable Residual Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Mel A. Shaftel
Mrs. Irene Shen
Caroline N. Sidnam
Lesley G. Silvester
Ellen F. Simon
Geraldine B. Singer
Raymond and Judith Skorupa
Ms. Beverly Sommer
Susan and Lawrence J. Sonders
Mr. Michael I. Sovern
John and Marcella Specce
Mrs. Clifford W. Starrett
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Steiner
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Stephens
Louise B. Stern
Mrs. Audrey F. Steuer
Sidney Stern Memorial Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stiglitz
The Dorothy Strelsin Foundation
Alan and Katherine Stroock Fund
Helen M. Swinton
Marvin and Suzanne and Tenenbaum
Ronald Thorpe
Elinor Tomback Fine
C. Urvater
van Itallie Foundation
Venetos Foundation, Inc.
Ross Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Waldorf
Mr. and Mrs. William Weiant
Marshall Weinberg
Sue Ann Weinberg
Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Weintz, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Weissman
Ariane Y. Wellin
Fred Williams
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Williams
Mr. Peter S. Wilson
Lucy S. Winton
The M & H Sommer Foundation
Linda Beckett Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Wellington Yee
Zeitz Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zoellner
Alice Jean Zuccaire
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Zucker


Anonymous (26)
A. E. Charitable Foundation
Ms. Mildred Abelson
Ruth and Jeffrey Aberman
Nina Abrams
Ms. Barbara Ackerman
The Adikes Family Foundation
Elaine and Mike Adler
Ginger Agron
Laurence Agron
Russell Aitken
Alexandra Foundation
Kathleen B. Allaire
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Altmann
Elizabeth D. Ames, M.D.
Carol L. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Anisfield
Mr. and Mrs. Irwyn Applebaum
Janet S. Nelson-Arazi and Salomon Arazi
Mrs. Mary B. Arnstein
Barbara Smith Aronson
Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Aschoff
Betsy F. Ashton
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert F. Aspbury
Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Aubry
Carolyn Hsu-Balcer and Rene Balcer
Halee and David Baldwin
Mr. Thomas Balliett
Brenda P. Ballin
Drs. Jerome I. and Linda C. Barancik
Mary Ellin Barrett
Mrs. Christina Lord-Barry and Mr. Francis G. Barry
Mrs. Corrine Barsky
Mr. and Mrs. S. Robert Beane
Diane and Richard Beattie
Mrs. Marion P. Becker
Mr. and Mrs. Russ Becker
Cathie Behrend
Mr. and Mrs. George Beitzel
Annmarie Benedict
Mr. and Mrs. B. Richard Benioff
Ivy Schiff Berchuck
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome S. Berg
Mrs. Sally Berger
Stephen Berger and Cynthia C. Wainwright
Rudolf A. H. Bergmann
Elaine S. Bernstein
Christine M. Yuhas and Lawrence Bernstein
Helen and Robert Bernstein
Simon Michael Bessie
Joan Bick
Eric Bierman
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bierwirth
Mr. E. P. Bissell III
Mrs. Allison Blinken
Lois D. Blumenfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah M. Bogert
The Caroline Manning Bolton Legacy Fund
Claire S. Boody
Mrs. Louise S. Bookstaver
Dr. Louise Bourgeois
Ruth Bowman
Peter R. Brest
Cynthia Brodsky
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Brooks
Mrs. Lewis D. Brounell
David Brown and Helen Gurley Brown
Shirley Brownrigg Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Brucker
Mr. and Mrs. C. Austin Buck
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buck
Ms. Amanda M. Burden
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Burger
Mrs. Mary Griggs Burke
Rochelle J. Busch
Marilyn and Marshall Butler
Ms. Hope Byer
Ms. Nina Bykow
Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Calder
The Robyne and Herbert L. Camp Charitable Foundation
Carolina M. Capehart
Mr. Benjamin M. Cardozo
Virginia S. and B. Peter Carry
Mrs. William L. Cary
Anna Marie Castagnetta
Mrs. Catherine M. Cavanaugh
Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum
Stockard Channing
Mr. Dale N. Chayes
Hsiao-Wei Chen
Milton P. Chernack
Phyliss and Herbert Chernin
Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Chew
Dr. Jennifer Chu
Robert Ciricillo
David G. Clough
Mr. Bruce Cobern
Connie and Richard W. Cohen
Barbara and Rodgin Cohen
Joan and Harvey Cohen
Dr. Tony Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis G. Cole
Dorothy Cooper
Laurin Copen
Gabrielle Coren
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Cornish
Emily and John Corry
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Cotty
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cramer
Stephen Cristo
Ann Crockos
Mrs. John Crowley
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. H. Cruice, Jr.
Lester and Toby Crystal
Ann and Clive Cummis
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Dale Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. D’Andrade
Peggy and Richard M. Danziger
Lisa M. deAndrade-Palacios
Elisabeth and Maurice De Picciotto
Pierre J. De Vegh
James K. Dempsey
Mr. Mark Dennis
Ms. Norma M. Deull
Garth and Sally Dimon
Ms. Danielle Dimston
Jean Dodson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dodyk
Mr. William W. Donnell
Mr. Herbert and Dr. Ruth Dooskin
Nelson Doubleday
Barbara Douglas
Mr. J. Gordon Douglas III
Frank Doyle
Mrs. Katherine H. Doyle
Draycott Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Felix Drost
Zbigniew Drozdowicz
John P. and Marion C. Dugan
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Durst
Dr. Janice P. Dutcher
Edward Dwek
Mr. Stephen Dymnioski
June Dyson
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Economos
Joyce and Jess Edward
Mabel W. Ehlert
The Elias Foundation
Karen and Jay Eliezer
Mr. Donald H. Elliott
Elissa Epstein
Martin A. Epstein
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Erb
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Erlanger
Mr. and Mrs. David Evans
Shirley Siegel and Henry Fagin
John Falk
Robert P. Fallon
Mr. and Mrs. James Fantaci
G. Farinas, M.D.
Michael Favata
Susan Fawcett
Mr. Bernard Feigen
Joshua Feigenbaum
Stephanie Fein
Ms. Ernestine Feinland
The Ferriday Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Fidler
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Fields
Frank Finkel
Dr. and Mrs. Frank B. Finkelstein
Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Finucane
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fluhr
Jacqueline Fowler
Jill Fowler
Allison Fox
Beatrice Frank
Elise and Stuart Fraser
Barbara C. Freedman
Ambassador Ellen Frey-Wouters
Lawrence N. and Alice L. Friedland
Ms. Jeanne S. Friedman
Adele and Carl Frischling
Richard C. Fuehrer
Dr. Robin Garfinkel and Dr. Stephen Garfinkel
Susan Klinger and Sheldon Gartenstein
Margaret Gaughran
Patty and Bob Gelfman
Egon R. Gerard
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gilroy
Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Gladstein
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Glaser
Herbert L. and Muriel F. Glaser
Isabel Glover
Robert F. Goheen
Robert and Jocelyn Goldman
Lola and Allen Goldring
Dr. and Mrs. Gideon Goldstein
Caryl and Mel Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Goldwasser
Mr. and Mrs. Yves Gonnet
Dr. Erwin G. Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. James Gorman
Virginia Gorodnitzki
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Gossel
The Grand Street Boys’ Foundation
Mr. Willliam R. Grant
Dr. Rhoda F. Green and Mr. Edward Green
Philip Sherwood Greenhaus
Doris Greenough
Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Griffin
Martha Grossi
Jon Grossman
Susan Gullia
Andrew F. Gurley
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Hakes
Barbara and Mark Handler
Jeanne Hanover
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Hansmann
Gerard Harper
Mr. and Mrs. Gurnee F. Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Hartig
Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Harty
Faith H. Harvie
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A. Haverly
Aubrey and Sylvia Hawes
Mary Ann Hawthorne
Maureen Healy-Falencki
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley D. Heckman
Michael Hegarty
The Heilbrunn Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Heine
Mr. and Mrs. John Hellier
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Herbst
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Herschman
Helene P. Herzig
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hess
Diane and Don Hewat
Colleen Morgenier and Thomas C. Hills
Jeffrey Levy Hinte
Richard L. Hirsch
The Hite Foundation
Ms. Rebecca S. Hoblin
Hoch 2003 Charitable Lead Trust
Mrs. Arlene Devine-Hoffman
Rachelle R. Holden
David S. Holt
Charlotte Holton
Richard H. Holzer Memorial Foundation
Susan C. Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. David Hunt
Phil Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hurwitz
Mr. and Mrs. Mel Ilberman
David and Naomi Isaacs
Matthew W. and Luann Jacobs
Anita and Robert Jacobson, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Cassim Jadwat
Paul Jenkel
Chris Boeke and William J. Jenks
Carmen Jerome-Parks
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Johnson
Donna D. Johnson
Mrs. F. Lincoln Johnson
Harriet Johnson
Ms. Julia C. Tobey and Mr. Kenneth L. Johnson
Stuart M. Johnson
Joseph Family Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kahn
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kalish
Jane E. Kammerer
The Kandell Fund
Lucille and Martin E. Kantor
Marshall G. Kaplan
Rita J. and Stanley H. Kaplan Family Foundation
Marcia Kaplan-Mann
Nicole Alger and Zachary Karabell
William W. Karatz
Martin E. Karlinsky
Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Kase
The Kassel-Backer Foundation
John and Jane Kauffmann
Ms. Yukako Kawata
Mr. and Mrs. Earle W. Kazis
Joan A. Kedziora, M.D.
William L. and Barbara Keefauver
Peter Kellogg
Dr. Judith Segal and Dr. James Kelley
Jennifer Doebler and J. Patrick Kelly
Mrs. Carl Loeb Kempner
Mr. and Mrs. John Kenney
Clara Chung and Kevin D. Kim
The David Kimmel Foundation
Mr. and Dr. Donald W. King
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Kipilman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kirk
Drs. Samuel and Francine Klagsbrun
Judy S. Klein
Andrea Klepetar-Fallek
Melvin Klugman
Lynn Kobelt
Vera Kohn
Dr. June H. Koizumi
Patricia C. Kolbe
Ross Koller
Richard A. Koomey
Meyer and Ellen G. Koplow
John and Evelyn Kossak Foundation
Kathryn Kouba
Philip and Judith Kozloff
Lillian E. Kraemer
The Kreilick Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kudisher
Kurz Family Foundation
Kusum Family Foundation
Ludwig Kuttner
Loeber and Barbara Landau
Arthur Laurents
Drs. Risa and Robert Lavizzo-Mourey
Mr. and Mrs. Max B. Lebersfeld
Samuel and Stephanie Lebowitz
Kitty Hawks
R. Randy and Eileen Lee
Ellen and Donald Legow
Jonathan and Bobbie Leigh
Mr. Richard D. Leonard
Sidney and Helaine Lerner
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Lese
David Levine
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Levine
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Levine
Dr. Micheline Levowitz
The Irene Levoy Foundation
Lois K. Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lewart
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Lewis
Josephine M. Lian
Constance and Stephen A. Lieber
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Lieberman
Arthur Lincoln
Ms. Laraine Lippe
Mrs. Lini Lipton
Mark D. Litt
Mrs. Thomas Litwin
Mrs. Joan C. Long
Sam and Anna Lopin Foundation
Karin D. Lopp
Ruth Lord
Penelope Loveman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lowell
Helen and Lou Lowenstein
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Luke
Sergio D. Luna
Mr. and Mrs. James Lundquist
Elizabeth H. Wyatt and John E. Luth
Susan E. Lynch
Marion Lynton
M. Blair MacInnes
Ann Mahan
Howard Maisel and Eve France
Anita and Michael Malina
Mrs. Ann M. Mallouk
Mr. and Mrs. Iqbal G. Mamdani
John F. Manfredi
John and Susanne Manley
Joan Margulies
Mr. and Mrs. Ned L. Margulies
Mr. and Mrs. Jamsheed Marker
Nancy Abeles Marks
Wendy Marquardt
The Hon. and Mrs. Anthony D. Marshall
Philip Martoglio
Mrs. Patricia McDonough Masia
Francis Mason
Victoria J. Mastrobuono
Catherine Matthews
Marion M. Maybank
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McCaffrey
Dr. Margaret L. McClure
Mrs. Ann McCullough
Joe McFadden
John McFadden
Dr. Michael R. McGarvey
John T. McGraw and Lori Rubinstein
Mrs. Linda B. McKean
Barbara and Peter McSpadden
Claire H. Mead
The Memton Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Mendelow
Janis and Alan Menken Foundation
Frederick Menowitz
Mr. Douglas Mercer
Mrs. G. W. Merck
The Nathaniel A. Mesnikoff Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Meyer
Ann Miles
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller
Nina Miness
William and Leslie Moran
Mary R. Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Morse
Mr. and Mrs. Randall K. Motland
Mrs. Nancy B. Mott
Suzanne Tick and Terry Mowers
Rachel and George Mullen
Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Mullen
Stephen and Eleanor Munze
Christianna L. Strohbeck and Ramaswamy Murari
Barbara and William Murphy
Catherine Nathan
Constance M. Hoguet and Richard Neel
John C. and Barbara O. Nelson
Linda and Stuart Nelson
The Netter Foundation
Dick and Carol Netzer
Babette Newman
Paula Newman
Ms. Diane Allen Nixon
Nordemann Foundation
Ruth Norek
Janet and Tom O’Connor
Laura Odell
Ralph E. Ogden Foundation
Ms. Nadine Ollman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Neill
One Point of Light Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard E. Opdycke
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Oppenheimer
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Orkin
Holly Orr
Mrs. James H. Ottaway
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Ottinger
The Henry B. Plant Memorial Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent D. Pacella
Benjamin Pacheco
Hannah C. Pakula
Polly McCaffrey and Daniel R. Paladino
Lynne and Archie Palmer
Panwy Foundation
William and Janet Pappas
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin E. Parker
Ruth Parnes
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pechter
Creighton H. Peet and Dana Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Pei
Denise Pelli
Mrs. Martha M. Peterson
Constance Phillips
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald B. Phillips
Ms. Therese Pick
Pirret Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Platt
Dr. Betty Popper
Charles and Lilly Port
Mr. and Mrs. Junius Powell
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Priesing
Lise N. Lindros and Viktor A. Prizgintas
Everlyn S. Payne
Mary Ann and Bruno Quinson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Raether
Dorothy and Victor Ransom
Elinor G. Ratner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reid-Schwartz
Lawrence F. Reinalter
Rev. Charles Reinbold
Ira M. Resnick Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Restler
Mary Revelle Paci
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Richards
Mr. Jonathan Rinehart
Mr. and Mrs. David Ritter
Ms. Dorothy Rivkin
Ms. Rosalind Robbins
Mr. Reed M. Roberts
Mr. Lloyd Robinson
Robert and Elizabeth Rodgers
Jeannette Rohatyn
Edythe Roland
Karen and Gary Rose
Edna and Samuel Rosen
Marjorie and Jeffrey Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan P. Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rosenthal
Seymour A. Rosenthal
Nanette Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rothenberg
Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Rothman
Dr. Sergio Rothstein
William Ruder
Dr. W. Henry Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Sacerdote
A. & J. Saks Foundation
Robin L. Sapanski
Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Sarroff
Robert Schechter
Robert Schloss
Mrs. Jo Anne Schneider
Scheuer Associates Foundation
Lenore Schultz
Alice and Bud Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Schwartz
Mr. Jonathan Schwartz
Robert L. Schwartz
Renata M. and Jack P. Schwebel
George Scott
Mr. William Seeman
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Seib
Elie Seidman
Trustees, Peter J. Sellon Charitable Lead Trust
Dr. Ruby T. Senie
Mrs. Margarita N. Serrell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Settle
The Honorable Beatrice Shainswit
Nancy Shea
William and Annette Sherman
Ms. Rita Sherr
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Shiffer
Cecile and Jerry Shore
Dr. F. S. Smith
Marlene L. Shufro
Colette Shulman
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Sichel
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Siegmund
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Silverman
Marsha E. Simms
Carrie E. Simpson
Warren and Florence Sinsheimer
Dr. Ole Skaarup
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Skove
Violeta Smadbeck
Meredyth and H. Brooks Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Philo Smith
Kenneth and Katherine Snelson
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Solomon
Robert C. and Marjorie M. Sorensen
Maury and Helen Spanier
Mr. Fred S. Spindel
Dr. Nicholas Spinelli and Ms. Viola Spinelli
Ms. Nancy Lynn Squier
Margaret Stacey
Mr. and Mrs. Erwin P. Staller
Prima K. Stephen
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Sterling, Jr.
Marjorie K. Stern
Dr. Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo
Dr. Susan C. Stewart
Paul Stitzer
Patricia C. Stix
Mr. and Mrs. Burton J. Stone
Peter Straub
David A. Strawbridge
Sabin and Beverley Streeter
Ed and Lynn Streim
The Strypemonde Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sullivan
Solon E. Summerfield Foundation
Eva and Stanley Taben
Mr. and Mrs. Gay Talese
Szilvia Szmuk-Tanenbaum and Charles J. Tanenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Tanenbaum
Lois Teich
David Teiger
Mrs. Judy E. Tenney
Mr. Ronald L. Thomas and Mr. William Stubing
Dr. S. K. Thomson
Valerie Tootle
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Trainer
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin S. Traub
Susan and Charles Tribbitt
Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Tribble
Mr. and Mrs. John Trout
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Turner, Jr.
Joan and Dick Tweedy
Beth M. Uffner
Mrs. Langdon Van Norden
Ms. Sarah L. Lutz and Mr. John Van Rens
Martin and Ruby Vogelfanger
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Volk
Mr. Martin Von Haselberg
Ernest Von Simson
Jeanette Sarkisian Wagner and Paul A. Wagner
Sukey Wagner
Pamela and David Waill
Donna and Jack Walcott
Mrs. Jane B. Wallace
Ann T. Lundquist and Basil Walter
Dr. and Mrs. William T. Walter
Leigh and Robin Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Walton
Rosabel A. Wang
John A. Ware
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Warner
Mrs. William D. Warters
Janan and Joseph Weber
Doris Wechsler
Mr. and Mrs. Alan N. Weeden
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. H. Weinberg
Lynn and Charles Weiner
Edward Weisselberg
Mildred and George Weissman
Drs. Marc and Babette Weksler
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Wender
Naida S. Wharton
Julia Harte Widdowson
The Widgeon Point Charitable Foundation
Jay and Dianne Wilker
Mr. Joseph D. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Willis
Mr. Anton F. Wilson
Mrs. Marillyn Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wilson
Susan Wisherd
Fred Wistow
Roberta H. Witkowski
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Witover
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wolfson
Soren Wolmar
Valerie and Thomas Wolzien
Margaret Ann Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Roy P. Wood, Jr.
Virginia Woods
Joanne Woodward
Mr. William A. Worth, Jr.
Miss Marjorie Wynne
Xhema of N.Y.
Rachel C. Schnoll and Stephen Yankauer
Mr. and Mrs. Orvis Yingling
Alice M. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Young
Gertrude and George Yourke
Arthur P. Zapolski, Esq.
Randall L. Zeese
Julie Zoppo
Audrey Y. Zucker

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