Strategic Framework

Our Mission:

WNET is a leading, innovative non-profit creator and distributor of diverse, trusted media content that delivers lifelong learning and meaningful experiences to our audiences and communities. We educate, inform and entertain. We nurture dreams and inspire curiosity and action.

Our Vision:

Our trusted media enterprise will provide high-quality, inspiring content and timely information and experiences that can change lives: Media with Impact. WNET will thrive as a next-generation producer and distributor, always innovating to create and share memorable content, optimizing our efficiency, reach and effectiveness.

Our Strategic Imperative:

WNET must expand audiences by delivering content and experiences that serve, enhance and engage the community on accessible, easy-to-use platforms. Our products and services—on-air, online, and in our communities—will make life better for our audiences, bringing them entertainment, knowledge and tools to deal with issues that are important to them.

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