Control Room Equipment

Control Room “A” Video

Quantity Equipment Description
1 Grass Valley Kayak HD 2.5 M/E Multi-format Production Switcher, iPDM, Chroma Key, 3D Kurl Effects, Ram Recorder
2 Chyron MicroX single channel character generators
1 10 Channel Omneon Spectrum HD Media Server for Record & Playback
2 3 Channel Omneon Media Decks
1 K2 HD server with 2 channels of playback
1 Prompter with WinPlus software
1 Evertz HDTV Caption Encoder HD9084

Control Room “A” Audio

Quantity Equipment Description
1 SSL C10 HD Audio Console, 64 DSP Channels, 8 Microphone inputs, 64 Analog Line Inputs, 72 Analog Line Outputs, 72 Digital Inputs/Outputs (36 AES pairs)
1 Cedar DNS1500 Noise Reduction Unit
1 TC Electronic System 6000
8 Shure UHF Series   RF microphones DPA 4060 capsules
16 Wired Mics ( DPA4051, Voice Technologies VT100, Sennheiser MKE2 )
8 Lectrosonics RF IFB’s Model R1A Wohler Audio QC station monitors
1 Gentner TS 612 Hybrid telephone interface with 3 stations and Call Director software
2 ClearOne Converge Pro TH20 professional conferencing telephone interface
2 Mackie Onyx 8 Chan Mic Pre (w/ AES OUT)
1 DigiCart E


Quantity Equipment Description
2 ADAM Intercom Systems. With Trunk Masters One at 50th St, one at 33rd ( Master Ctl )

(12) Keypannel Stations, 9 TIFS at 50th st

(8) Keypanel Stations, 6 Tiffs at 33rd St ( Master Ctl )

1 RTS CRONUS Intercom System at LCTR Studios

(3) Keypanels Stations

(8) TR 800 Wireless Belt Packs w/headsets

(3) BTR800 RTS Base Stations

(6) simultaneous frequency channels


Quantity Equipment Description
1 Redundant Fiber circuit between 50th Control Facility street and LC, which includes the following:

(8)   HD circuits from LC Studio to 50th Street Control Room

(8)   HD circuits from 50th Street Control Room to LC Studio

(14) SD circuits from 50th Street Control Room to LC Studio

(1) HD/SD Receive Circuit from Encompass NY
(1) HD/SD Transmit Circuit to Encompass   NY
(1) HD/SD Receive Circuit from The NY Switch
(2) HD/SD Transmit Circuits to The NY Switch

Agile HD/SD Satellite Downlink

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